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Laura Biskop becomes the new Product Expert at Theralux

Laura Biskop, well-known by Finnish equine enthusiasts for her pioneering work in horse rehabilitation, has started as a Product Expert at Theralux. Biskop has years of experience with the Theralux Touch laser therapy device, which she used in her work until a fire destroyed Stall Biskop’s horse stable in 2020.

Laura Biskop is well-known by Finnish equine enthusiasts for her pioneering work in horse rehabilitation.
Laura Biskop is well-known by Finnish equine enthusiasts for her pioneering work in horse rehabilitation.

Since the closure of the horse rehabilitation centre, Biskop has used the Theralux Touch laser therapy device on her horses as well as rented it out to people she knows. Over the years, she has also recommended the Theralux laser therapy device to the horse rehabilitation centre customers.

“The well-being of horses has always been really close to my heart. I wanted my customers to be able to help their animals at home as well. Being able to provide help quickly is especially important in the acute phase of an injury, as it allows the healing process to begin,” Biskop says.

A laser therapy device that can be used by anyone

Biskop became acquainted with Theralux after a recommendation from her friend Riitta Kontro. Biskop was looking for another laser that she could use alongside her Italian laser when the original laser was being serviced. The Italian laser could be in service for weeks at a time.

“The long service times were a problem since we used the laser every day to rehabilitate the horses. I was excited to find myself a new laser therapy device produced by the Jyväskylä-based Theralux. And their service proved to be quick, too, taking only a couple of days. How convenient is that!”

“The Theralux device also combined several good features, such as wireless use and excellent value for money. And while the Theralux laser therapy device is powerful enough to get the job done, it’s also safe for anyone to use” Biskop adds.

Laser therapy question time and work demonstrations

As a Theralux Product Expert, Biskop’s job is to answer questions about Theralux laser therapy devices. Once a month, Biskop also organises a half-day-long question time on laser therapy, during which anyone can call her for advice on lasering. The first laser therapy question time will be held on 10 February from midday to 6 in the evening.

“The service is also available to existing Theralux customers who I and the Theralux team want to help achieve good treatment results. This is why I’ve teamed up with Theralux. I value their desire to share information about laser therapy and to support the wellbeing of animals – as well as their owners,” Biskop says.

During the spring of 2022, Biskop will be available for meet-and-greets at laser therapy demonstrations across Finland. Under Biskop’s leadership, Theralux will be coming to meet equine enthusiasts in Oulu, Kuopio and in a yet to be announced location in southern Finland. Biskop will also hold a laser therapy demonstration during the Horses Fair on 9–10 April.

“The Theralux team and I will be sending out more information about laser therapy demonstrations as soon as we have the plans ready. I have already made arrangements with a couple of stables and race courses. If you are interested in lasering and animal welfare, coming to these events is really worthwhile – even if it requires a bit of travel,” Biskop says excitedly.


Laura Biskop

Additional information:

Laura Biskop

Product Expert

Theralux / Keypoint Oy

+358 40 081 0501


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