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Theralux Touch. Laser therapy device. Laser therapy for horses.


The Theralux Touch TX4 laser therapy device fits comfortably in hand and is a key tool in everyday life with animals. You can grab the wireless laser device in your hand, choose the appropriate treatment program in the Theralux Touch application and start the laser therapy. You can see the treatment results in your animal's body language already during the treatment.

Wireless laser therapy device for animal welfare

  • This light, handheld, wireless laser therapy device is easy to carry along.

  • You can monitor the progress of the laser therapy session either from the Theralux Touch application or through the device's safety functions, including vibration, a signal tone, and signal light. 

  • Another feature that makes your everyday life easier is the long operating time of the laser therapy device, about 8 hours with a full battery.

For individual treatment

  • The Theralux Touch application includes dozens of treatment programs to choose from for the most common problem areas in horses, dogs, and cats. 

  • You can save the details of the given treatment in the Theralux Touch application to help you next time you treat the same animal.

  • Because each animal is unique, you can adjust the treatment programs according to the animal's response and treatment needs.

Deep into the tissues

  • Depending on your treatment needs, you can choose the device model with a 660 nm, 808 nm, or 904 nm wavelength. Read more about how to select the wavelength >

  • We have pre-programmed dozens of Nogier and Bahr standard frequencies in the application, from which you can choose the most suitable one to meet the treatment needs of the animal.

  • If you prefer a super pulsed laser device, select 904 nm.


Prices start from 3100 € (inc. VAT)

Laser Therapy for Injuries in Equine Athletes. Theralux. Laser therapy.

Technical information

Theralux Touch. Laser therapy device.
  • Laser diodes: 4 pcs

  • Output power: 200 mW (0.20 W)

  • Wavelength: depending on the model, either 660 nm, 808 nm or 904 nm 

  • Control: Theralux Touch application

  • Frame dimensions: 18.5 cm x 5 cm x 3.4 cm

  • Weight: 295 g

  • Frame material: Easy-to-clean micro coating, dust- and splash-proof

  • Battery charging: With a USB charger (5 V / 2.4 A) or a wireless charging platform compliant with the Qi charging standard (optional)

  • Operating time: approx. 8 h with a full battery

  • Laser class: 3B

  • Warranty period: 2 years

Accessories for the laser therapy device

The price of the laser therapy device includes:

You can also get from us a protective cover for the laser therapy device and wireless charging dock. 

Theralux Touch application

  • Available for download at Google Play and AppStore

  • Compatible mobile devices: Android and iOS mobile devices

  • Functions:

    • Treatment programs

    • Record type (treated animal)

    • Treatment history (incl. Repeat treatment function)

    • Signal tone can be switched off if the sound disturbs the animal

    • Vibration can be switched off if the vibration disturbs the animal

    • IR distance sensor sensitivity can be adjusted or skipped if the laser therapy device does not switch on when treating an animal with thick and black hair.

Easy to use

Theralux Touch application.webp
  1. The four laser diodes of the Theralux Touch laser therapy device do not start until you have selected a treatment program in the Theralux Touch application and placed the treatment head close to the animal's skin. 

  2. You can select a pre-programmed treatment program or set the amount and frequency of treatment energy yourself. 

  3. The application calculates the treatment time for you when you specify the dimensions of the treatment area in the program. It is easy to calculate when you keep in mind that the area of the treatment head with four laser diodes is 10 cm2. Read more about the area of the treatment heads > 

  4. After the treatment, you can save the details of the given treatment in the application for easy restart of the same treatment the next time. 

Theralux tip

The recommended total dose for one treatment is 200 joules, and the maximum treatment time is 20 minutes.

Safety and quality of the laser therapy device

Theralux stories about laser therapy

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Horse entrepreneur and horse masseur 

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