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The wavelength of the laser therapy device determines the range of tissue penetration in the body. Theralux.


How to get the best treatment response with laser therapy? How long and how often should I administer laser therapy? Our new webinar series in Finnish will answer these and many other questions. In the following parts, we will focus on laser therapy as a treatment method for various acute and chronic ailments. ​

The webinar recordings will be available In English during 2022. Pre-order recordings now, and we will inform you when they are published!

Parts coming up in English: ​

  • Part 1: Basics of laser therapy

  • Part 2: Laser Therapy for tendon and ligament injuries in horses

  • Part 3: Laser therapy for wound healing 

  • Part 4: Laser therapy for skin diseases healing

  • Part 5: Laser therapy for muscle injury healing

Laser Therapy for tendon and ligament injuries in horses. Theralux.

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