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Laser therapy speeds up the treatment results with an aqua trainer

“I use laser therapy for horses whose equine rehabilitation involves exercise in an aqua trainer. Exercise is a highly effective form of treatment for many injuries and I get even faster results through laser therapy.

Liisa Puupponen, Uusitalo Horse Farm, equine rehabilitation.
Liisa Puupponen, Uusitalo Horse Farm, equine rehabilitation.

Just fifteen minutes of laser therapy will loosen the muscle membranes and soften the horse's muscles so well that movement in the aqua trainer becomes easy. After laser therapy, we can focus on strengthening the muscles to rehabilitate the animal.

I can feel how the strained tissue begins to soften under my fingers already when administering the laser therapy. You can see how the horse relaxes as it calms down, lowers its head, and yawns. And in the aqua trainer, the horse starts to use the correct pattern of movement as the tissues are no longer tight.

To get results, you have to know how to use different frequencies for different tissue conditions. Personally, I use the Nogier E frequency for deep and tight muscles and switch to Nogier C when the muscle softens a bit. Nogier G, on the other hand, is suitable for the treatment of the swelling. I alternate it with the CW50 frequency in the treatment of tendons and suspensory ligaments.

When varying the frequencies, you must also know how to read the horse, as each horse reacts individually. Usually, the horse becomes restless if the frequency is wrong. The same happens if the muscle is treated for too long. In my experience, 20 minutes is a suitable time for laser therapy. Any longer than that, and it seems that the treatment no longer works for the horse.

I have recommended the Theralux Touch laser therapy device to all my contacts because it has been easy to use and very durable in my daily use. The laser device has only been serviced once in five years, and even then, it was because a customer accidentally dropped it on the floor.

I also like the fact that Theralux Touch is wireless and the size is very handy. This type of hand-held laser therapy device is carefree in use, especially when treating a horse's legs. I can focus on the therapy when I don’t have to wonder where to place the laser device out of reach of the horse.”


Liisa Puupponen Horse entrepreneur and horse masseur Uusitalo Horse Farm Owner of the Theralux Touch (808) laser therapy device since February 2016

Theralux tip: Administer laser therapy before exercise in the aqua trainer because the Theralux laser therapy device is splash-proof, not waterproof.


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