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How does laser therapy work?

Our customers often ask us to explain in simple terms what laser therapy is and how laser light helps speed up healing, relieve pain, and enhance the efficiency of muscle care. In this article, I take up this challenge and answer these questions as clearly as possible.

Laser therapy or biomodulation: The energy of laser light stimulates the cell.
Laser therapy or biomodulation: The energy of laser light stimulates the cell.

First of all, laser light is electromagnetic radiation – just like any other light. The light, in turn, consists of photons, or light particles, that carry energy. Just like plants know how to harness the energy of the sun for photosynthesis, the body knows how to harness the energy of laser light to repair damaged cells.

When you give laser therapy, you stimulate the cells — more specifically, the mitochondria in the cells that are responsible for the cells’ energy metabolism. In a damaged cell, the metabolism is disrupted, which is reflected in the body as inflammation and swelling.

Laser therapy reduces inflammation and swelling because the energy of laser light triggers chemical reactions in the cells that help the mitochondria restore normal metabolism.

Chemical processes in the body include

  • accelerated metabolism,

  • increased blood flow,

  • stimulated lymph circulation,

  • stimulated activity of cellular energy molecules (ATP),

  • stimulated function of cellular components (collagen),

  • stimulated formation of cartilage tissue (chondrocytes) and

  • increased secretion of pain-relieving “feel-good” hormones (endorphin, serotonin).

Any further questions or considerations? Feel free to contact us. Also let me know if there is anything else you would like to know about laser therapy or laser therapy devices and I will write an article on the subject.


The author of the article:

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