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2021 is a double anniversary year

The year 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of Keypoint, and it is ten years since started producing the Theralux laser therapy devices.

Keypoint´s original product range comprises line lasers, point lasers, and cross lasers. One of the customers is the health technology company Merivaara, whose Q-Flow surgical light projected user interface is made possible by laser.

The production of Theralux laser therapy devices began in 2011, when Keypoint’s founder, Jorma Orkosalo, was inspired by laser therapy as a medical treatment. He heard about it from physicists working at Kuopio University Hospital while collaborating to design a laser for positioning patients during cancer treatment. As they were working, the physicists told Orkosalo about Dr. Pekka J. Pöntinen, who had used laser as a medical treatment. He had written a book about the subject in 1988.

Extended experience in the field of laser technology made kicking off the production of laser therapy devices easy. The laser technology remained the same, but the optical power and wavelength were adjusted to be suitable for the treatment of animals.


More information:

Silva Orkosalo-Paananen CEO

+358 14241 488


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